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We are Park City artist, athletes, and mountain professionals sharing our passion for the outdoors through our art and our knowledge through our  online trial guides. 


Hi there! Welcome! We are Park City People. A group of guys obsessed with the outdoors, every alpine sport imaginable, and becoming better versions of ourselves in the process. All in all, we simply strive to represent a lifestyle of encouraging personal growth.

Growth, we believe, begins with change.  Which is why we believe in always becoming. A fresh spritz on our identities is always right around the corner. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes dramatic. But we need new experiences, new adventures to ensure a continuous shaping of who we are. We are defined largely by our experiences and our perception of such experiences. By exposing ourselves to new places, people, and environments we begin to unravel parts of ourselves we may not have known were there. This is what it means to be human. This is discovery at its finest.

We offer opportunities that directly facilitate these personal and worldly discoveries. Our adventure trips are specifically designed as catalysts for growth. And our guides will be there to lend helping hands every step of the way.

Park City People, at its core, is a community, a safe haven. One that prides itself on its ability to encourage people, like you, who are striving to discover the endless possibilities of the human spirit. We may be strangers now, but we assure you, by the end of it, we will be left wondering how any of us ever went this long without knowing one another.

Below, you’ll find descriptions of the trips we’re currently offering. Please note that every trip is accompanied by our incredible photographers/videographers who are there to capture every moment for you. We want you going home with a full heart and plenty of shots to show for it!

With love,

Park City People

Monitor Bowl
Alta Preseason


Christopher Comstock
Michael Mckinney
Michael Mckinney
Flip Mayernik


Trip photography packages


We are looking for a graphic designer, fishing pro, and activities director.

Working with Park City People gets you access to the outdoor community creating the best Design and Guides on the web.


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