Backcountry Ski Mt Superior Utah

February 8 2016

Being very deliberate with each move of my kick turn, I look back and give recognition to the backcountry skier who was patiently waiting his turn.  While he was observing me barely cling to the side of the mountain, he chuckled and said, “No pressure, there’s only a 1,000 foot cliff behind you”.  This is when the Backcountry ski Mt Superior Utah climb got “Serious”.   The rest of the way up was a sunny and technical climb up the narrow east ridge of Superior.

Backcountry ski Mt Superior Utah

backcountry ski mt superior utah

Mountaineer Mike Mckinney boots up the east ridge of Mt Superior Utah.

Climbing Superior wasn’t the original plan, but as the day progressed so did our objectives.  It was a nerve-rattling adventure to the summit. We got to the summit by mostly boot packing. There was one section where we had to straddle the summit and shimmy across, like riding a horse.   Up on top we were enjoying a Summit Chocolate Chip Cookie, when a guy in a Utah Avalanche Center hat joined us.  We were surprised by the arrival of someone else on the summit.  This guy had to be awesome to have just climbed the same ridge that we just did.  He’s a backcountry skier named Austin Prince, and we skied with the rest of the day.  I would certainly ski with him again.



Austin Prince skis mt Superior Cardiff sporting Utah Avalanche Center hat.

If you’re planning a backcountry ski trip to Mt Superior Utah, head up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Across the road from the Alta lodge is the start. Head up pole line pass toward Cardiff.  At the pass the route heads Left (west) along the ridge to the summit. When atop of the peak there are a number of options to backcountry ski Mt Superior Utah steep lines.


Skier Mike Mckinney soars through the air, Cardiff Fork.


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