Park City Gym / AlpenFit community

Park City Gym AlpenFit is the place where connections are made.  There are several kinds of gyms in Park City.  We have budget community gym Basin Rec.  We have the fad gyms like Orange Theory.  Then there is the high end gym and Park City Personal trainers  at Silver Mountain.  Then there is AlpenFit.  This is a gym where you go to meet locals who are doing the things you want to do in Park City. 

Park City Gym

Park City Gym


Outdoor Enthusiast Community

Our friend Brian House worked as ski patrol for Park City Mountain resort before starting AlpenFit.  Brian, like us, loves the outdoor activities here in the mountains.  Alpenfit's mottos is "Indoor training for outdoor life" and has become a place where mountaineers, skiiers, MTN bikers, road bikers, and climbers come to train.  I have met many people through AlpenFit that I now ski and climb with on a regular.  Brian schedules and invites anyone to join for climbing, ski, and backcountry ski tours.  If you Love the outdoors and want to meet the people who share your passion and can show you around, AlpenFit should be your community.




Park City Bouldering Gym

Park City has 2 bouldering gyms The Mine & AlpenFit.  The Mine is strictly a bouldering gym and AlpenFit is a both a bouldering and weight training gym. Both are great places to train and meet people.  I had little experience bouldering or rock climbing when took a bouldering class at AlpenFit.  Through this class I met people who took me out rock climbing to places that I wouldn't have known about or had the equipment to go.  Thanks to AlpenFit bouldering I'm now enjoying rock climbing as an activity.

AlpenFit Park City bouldering gym


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