Park City Personal Trainer Amanda Comstock

Park City Personal Trainer Amanda Comstock is one of the top personal fitness trainers.  Living to your fullest requires good health and fitness.  Amanda specializes in weight loss and injury recovery.  She has helped hundreds of people get to where they want to be so they can live better and be healthier lives.  Amanda graduated from University of Utah with a bachelor’s in exercise science and has been a fitness trainer for the last 11 years.  Her biggest accomplishment, besides helping hundreds of people lose weight, is getting injured people back to doing what they enjoy.  


Park City Personal Trainer Amanda Comstock

Park City Personal trainer Amanda Comstock


Almost everybody suffers from injury at one point, especially physically active people like skiers, bikers, hikers, and runners.  As an athlete myself , inevitably I get injured.  Late this ski season March 2017, I suffered a hip injury that sidelined me for a couple weeks and almost ended my season.  When I finally asked for help, she pinpointed the areas that I needed to stretch and strengthen.  Well, after a week of doing the exercises she recommended, I started to feel better.   My 1st time back on skis I was worried that I might not be able to make it.   Not only did I make it, my season was saved and I was able to back to doing the normal daily stuff without hurting.

Amanda has so many success stories like mine.  She has helped people with carpel tunnel, shoulder, knee, and especially neck and back pain.  Amanda Comstock can and wants to help you get better.  So if you’re looking to improve your diet, lose weight, get fit, or recover from your nagging injury contact Park City Personal trainer Amanda Comstock and she can help.


Amanda is a Fitness trainer at Silver Mountain Sports Club.  She also trains at 4th West in SLC and for extra fee will train at your in home gym. 



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Full Disclosure: the author of this article is Christopher Comstock is Amanda’s husband.  My views are completely biased!   To see unbiased reviews check out Google reviews



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