Backcountry Skiing Mount Aire in Parley’s Canyon

Backcountry skiing Mount Aire in Parley's Canyon Utah, Mount Aire stands right next to Interstate 80.  Commuters down Parley's Canyon into Salt Lake get a Prime view of  backcountry possibility Mount Aire has to offer.  It looks easily accessible from the freeway but, Au Contraire, Mon Frère,
On the contrary my brother, the bushwhacking involved here makes Mount Aire not as easily accessible as it may appear from the Highway.


Backcountry skiing Mount Aire in Parley's Canyon Utah


Backcountry skiing Mount Aire in Parley's Canyon Utah


"Mt. Aire lords over I-80, begging to be skied. But it's all a tease-the approach involves endless bushwhacking that no amount of profanity can do justice. Once on top, you realize the line is severely shorter than it looked from the road. And it's not even a proper chute! But it's listed in The Chuting Gallery nonetheless. So two days ago, I set out to ski it simply to tick it off the list. I didn't even bother asking anyone to come because I figured no one would say yes. So imagine my surprise at the top where I found a pristine face covered with soft snow, with not a track in sight. One more of the little surprises this project is slowly revealing to me"   Luke Hinz TheChutingProject

Mount Aire Utah


Take Lamb's Canyon exit from I-80 (8 miles from Kimball Junction in Park City).  Park near the interstate in one of the plowed pull outs.   The approach is fairly simple.  Head west on an old jeep road that runs next to the freeway.  After a short distance .35 miles head left uphill on a faint trail.  It is important to follow this trail because if you get off track you'll be bushwhacking.  Get on the ridge heading south and follow the ridge all the way to the summit.


Mount Aire topo




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