Park City’s best hike Fantasy Ridge at Canyons

Park City's best hike Fantasy Ridge at Canyons

Park City’s best hike is Fantasy Ridge at Canyons.   This forested trail follows a creek half way up then opens to incredible views of the Park City Ridgeline.  Three quarters of the way up there’s a shark fin ridge. The ridge has a safety rope installed to help you through the rocks with the hundred…

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Hiking Mount Nebo Utah Highest Peak in the Wasatch

Hiking mount nebo utah

Hiking Mount Nebo, Utah’s Highest Peak in the Wasatch!  If your plan is to summit the highest mountain in the Wasatch you had better go prepared.  With over 16 miles, 5,249ft of elevation gain, and NOBODY around, this mountain offers a challenge that’s worthy of it’s elevation. (11,929ft) Hiking Mount Nebo Utah BOOM!  CRACK!  …

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