Park City's best hike is Fantasy Ridge at Canyons.   This forested trail follows a creek half way up then opens to incredible views of the Park City Ridgeline.  Three quarters of the way up there's a shark fin ridge. The ridge has a safety rope installed to help you through the rocks with the hundred foot vertical drops on either side. Finally the trail tops out on the second highest peak in Park City 9,990.

Park City's best hike Fantasy Ridge at Canyons

Park City's best hike Fantasy Ridge at Canyons


A creek, forest, flowers, challenge, excitement, and a summit, Fantasy Ridge trail is the best hike in Park City!  Hiking this trail requires a gondola pass.  I like this trail because it's unique.  There aren't any other trails that require a mountain scramble in consequential terrain around Park City.  Ski patrol has installed a "permanent" rope along this feature for added safety.   This trail looks DANGEROUS but it's not that bad.

I worked at the Canyons and sent many people up fantasy ridge, even flatlanders, and they always returned with a grin from ear to ear telling stoke filled stories of their experience.

Another bonus this is a hiking only trail!  There are no mountain bikes on the trail.


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On weekdays park in the upper lot P

Weekends (Sat-Sun) park at the Cabriolet gondola lot at the bottom.


This hike requires a scenic hiking pass ($24)  to ride the Red Pine gondola up to the trailhead.


Atop the Red Pine gondola you need to hike south (left) past the Red Pine Lodge and both the High Meadow and Saddleback chairlifts.  Cross a gravel road and head toward the mountains (right).  Look for a trail sign in the grass meadow that will point you to the Tombstone trail.

Follow Tombstone trail all the way up until you get to near the top of the Tombstone chairlift on a gravel service road.  Now head up Fantasy Ridge trail until you reach the top of the 9,990 chair lift.

From here take the winter boot pack trail, just uphill of the 9,990 chairlift (lookers left) near the boundary ropes.

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