Backcountry Skiing The Chuting Gallery

Mike Mckinney

skis all 92 of the steepest ski descents

in the Wasatch Mountains


Backcountry Skiing The Chuting Gallery

Chuting project is to ski 92 ski descents listed in "The Chuting Gallery" by backcountry ski expert Andrew McLean.  To do this Mike will have to overcome many challenges like Fear, mother nature, and the social norm of working a 9-5.  If he fails, his dream of turning Backcountry Ski Mountaineering into a career will be exchanged for working at the resort.  If he is successful, he will achieve his dream of being able to thrive as a backcountry ski professional.   Follow along and see if he completes the Chuting Project.

Backcountry Skiing The Chuting Gallery

chuting project

The Chuting Project

Started by Luke Heinz.  It was an attempt to ski all 92 lines listed in the book "The Chuting Gallery" by Andrew McLean, in one winter.  Luke wasn't able to ski all 92 lines in one winter, but the project continues.  Thus "The Chuting Project" got it's name.

chuting gallery ski routes

The Chuting Gallery

The Chuting Gallery by Andrew McLean A guide to steep skiing in the Wasatch Mountains. In his book McLean states, "In the realm of skiing, chute skiing is an obscure and misunderstood discipline.  While huge powder fields are always appetizing, there is something perversely appealing about a long, steep rock lined couloir. It's like skiing down the barrel of a giant gun--some people just don't see the appeal.  The only way to know if you are going to like it is to try it".

Backcountry Skiing The Chuting Gallery

Big Cottonwood Canyon

_X___     Powerhouse Couloir

_X___     Generator Coulir

_X___     Whipple Couloir

_X___     Stairs Gulch

_X___     East Face of Twin

_X___     Argenta

_X___     Kessler-East Couloir

_X___     Kessler-West Coulir

_X___     God's Lawnmower

__X_     Mt. Raymond-East Face

__X_     Heart of Darkness

__X_     Thunderstruck Couloir

__X_     Lightning Bolt Chute

__X_     Wyatt Couloir

__X_     Benson & Hedges Couloir

__X_     The Hallway Couloir

__X_     Holy Toledo

__X_     Holy Mole' Couloir

The Little Cottonwood Canyon

__X__     White Pearl

__X__     Coalpit #4

__X__     The Great White Icicle

__X__     Coalpit

__X__     Triangle Couloir

__X__     Y-Not Couloir

__X__     Y Couloir

__X__     Lisa Falls

__X__     Maybird Couloir

__X__     Tanners

_X___     White Pine

_X___     Little Pine

_X___     Limber Pine

_X___     Little Pine East

_X___     Jedediah

_X___     Monte Cristo Directissimo

_X___     Monte Cristo Gully

_X___     Mount Superior south face

_X___     Homicide Chute

_X___     Suicide Chute

_X___     Pinball Alley

_X___     Hellgate Couloir

_X___     Little Feat

_X___     Femme Fatale

_X___     The Hangnail

_X___     Atomic Fireball

_X___     The Shield

_X___     Shangri-la

_X___     Tetris

_X___     Toledo Chute

Little Cottonwood Canyon Backcountry

__X__     The Hypodermic Needle

__X__     The Dresden Face

__X__     The Sliver

__X__     Montgomery

__X__     Ivory Chute

__X__     Snapdragon

__X__     Pfeifferhorn-NW Couloir

__X__     Pfeifferhorn-North Couloir

__X__     Pfeifferhorn-NE Couloir

Wolverine Cirque & Tuscarora

__X__     The Huge Chute

__X__     Tips & Tails

__X__     Bombay

__X__     Honeycomb Cliffs

__X__     The Granny Chute

__X__     Graceland

__X__     Roman's

__X__     The Zoot Chute

__X__     Bronco Couloir

__X__     Big Bang

__X__     Pressure Drop

__X__     The Scythe

__X__     Scratch n' Sniff

__X__     Slipstream

__X__     Ragtime

__X__     Newt Chute

__X__     Sushi Chute

__X__     Tuscarora The Seagull


__X__     Apollo Couloir

__X__     Zeus Chute

__X__     Medusa's Face

__X__     Memorial Couloirs

__X__     Mount Aire-East Face

__X__     Box Elder-Northwest Super Couloir

__X__     Lone Peak - NE Couloir

__X__     Grunge Couloir

__X__     Kings Peak

Forbidden Fruit Chutes

__X__     Baldy Main Chute - Alta

__X__     Baldy Little Chute - Alta

__X__     Baldy Dogleg Chute - Alta

__X__     Devil's Castle Couloir - Alta

__X__     Ciochetti's Ribbon

__X__     Pipeline - Snowbird

__X__     Elevator Shaft - Brighton

__X__     Honeycomb Cliffs - Solitude

Backcountry skiing the chuting gallery, a project to ski 92 of the steepest lines in the Wasatch.  Our hero will face many challenges along the way.  He will require friends, physical fitness, and buckets of courage to succeed.  Succeed he must, as his future could be decided by this project.  If he's successful, we'll have tons of content to produce for you, securing Park City People LLC future in the backcountry ski industry.  If we fail, it might mean a 9-5.  Let's help Mike McKinney's Chuting Project.

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