Hallway Couloir Wasatch Backcountry

Hallway Couloir Wasatch Backcountry approach is straight forward and easy.  If you are confident with your route finding and the stability of the snowpack, the route from the top of Flagstaff peak is the most direct. When you’re searching for the entrance the terrain is steep and intimidating .  From the top of Flagstaff  follow the ridge to the North until you reach a small summit.  From here the entrance is only a couple hundred yards down the ridge.  It’s a blind entrance with huge rock walls obstructing your view. This area is steep and riddled with cliffs so if you miss the entrance, you could be in some serious trouble.Hallway Couloir Wasatch backcountry

Hallway Couloir Wasatch Backcountry

Until you’re familiar with the area, it is probably best to use the other route and boot pack up The Hallway from the bottom.    To find the Hallway Couloir from the bottom you need to locate a natural half-pipe running through the woods on the east side of Cardiff fork in the Big Cottonwood Canyon.  From here follow the tube up for about 900 vertical feet and you’ll be in, and ready to Ski The Hallway Couloir Utah.

Hallway Couloir photos

Hallway Couloir Wasatch Backcountry Trip Report:
April 3rd 2016 Brian House, Michael McKinney, and Chris Comstock
Route:  From the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon we skinned up Flagstaff Peak.  We skied The Hallway Couloir off the west aspect of Reid & Benson ridge.  From the bottom of the Hallway we skinned back up Cardiff fork to the summit of Cardiff peak and skied a picturesque 600ft line back into Cardiff fork.  We then regained the ridge and dropped Hellgate back bowl off the Southwest face of Cardiff peak.  We were off the peak just after noon, beating the heat of the April sun and the wet slides that accompany spring skiing.


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  1. Joe Kool on November 21, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    great photo! ill be skiing the Hallway this season for sure!