God’s Lawn Mower Backcountry skiing Kessler Peak

God’s Lawnmower Backcountry skiing Kessler Peak.  Kessler Peak is a monster.  Rising just under 3,000 ft, Kessler stands prominently @ 10,403 ft, in the mid Big Cottonwood Canyon.  The north aspect, the side that faces the BCC highway, is a huge tree scattered avalanche path named God’s Lawn Mower.  Kessler’s steep slopes and obvious ski routes draw the eye of backcountry skiers.  Remember Kessler Peak is a Monster with huge cliffs, huge avalanche paths, and huge consequences.  God’s Lawn Mower is a classic Backcountry descent and is Awesome if the conditions are right!

God’s Lawnmower Backcountry skiing Kessler Peak

God's Lawnmower Backcountry skiing Kessler Peak


If steep powder skiing is something you like then you’ll like skiing the God’s Lawn Mower.   When conditions are right God’s Lawnmower Backcountry skiing Kessler Peak is one of the classic backcountry lines in the Wasatch.  There are plenty of cliffs with open run-outs for the cliff huckers.  Be sure to set stomp your landing or use a ski powder cord because, like one of our tour members, you could lose a ski under the copious amounts of powder if one comes off. God's-Lawn-Mower-backcountry-spit-boarding-


Accessing God’s Lawn Mower is straightforward. Brian House owner of Alpenfit local gym showed our group the most direct ascend. Park at the Cardiff Fork trailhead. You should be able to spot God’s Lawn Mower from the parking lot. Head up the gated dirt road aways until you spot a good path to the mellowish ridgeline to the climber’s right. You may have to cross a small stream, a residential road makes this easy. you will not need to be on the residential road for more than 5 minutes. The ridgeline is well protected with pine trees and makes for a direct and safe approach. As you make your way up the ridgeline you will have good views of the skiing and options to drop wherever you wish. When nearing the top, the ascend will turn into a scramble/climb. The skiing from the top or near the top is very rocky and steep. Rocks are everywhere above and below the surface of the snow. The last 5 % of the ascend may not be worth the skiing. The video below shows how a seemly clear snowfield can be riddled with hidden rocks. After skiing the Gnar Gnar the way out is simple. Traverse back over the mellow ridgeline to the skier’s right. The sooner you start your traverse the easier travel will be.  

God’s Lawn mower tour Topo

 God's Lawn Mower tour topoPhotography

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