Mount Raymond Chutes / chuting project

Mount Raymond chutes, Ignorance is bliss unless you get squished.  Mount Raymond is avalanche terrain. The chutes should only be attempted in stable snow conditions.  The main chute is a wide open boulevard which offers incredible skiing and incredible photos if the conditions are right.  The approach is somewhat of a bear (just a little bear).  Starting in Mill gulch the skin in is medium length and a gentle climb until you reach the ridge line.  Once on top of the ridge, you better be prepared for some full contact, exposed, technical skinning.  If you make it to the summit you have pretty much passed the test and get to ski some of the finest chute skiing in the Wasatch.

Mount Raymond Chutes

mount Raymond chutes

Red dot is the cornice that “we” (Luke) dropped.


 The skiing is awesome!  There are so many ski options on Mount Raymond.  From the open mellow slopes just after reaching the ridgeline, chute skiing from the summit, to the 48 degree trees on the north arm.   Cliff huckers, Raymond could be your paradise.  The Raymond face has many different size cliffs.  The run outs are long, clear, and wide open for scrubbing speed upon landing.


Chris Moore backcountry skiing Mt Raymond

Chris Moore on the Raymond Edge

Skiing Raymond Chute video edit


Accessing Mount Raymond chutes takes some work but isn’t to too difficult.  Drive up the Big Cottonwood canyon and pass beyond the trail access of Mill Gulch.  Park on the highway a mile further up the canyon before Butler fork.  Put your skis on and skin along the side of the highway back to Mill Gulch.

Mount Raymond tour TopoMount Raymond ski tour topo


As always I take my photography seriously, you should check out the photos here!

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