Homicide Chute Backcountry Skiing

Homicide Chute Backcountry Skiing. Avalanche danger is a very REAL hazard here. Be sure of stable snow conditions before attempting Suicide or Homicide chutes.  Homicide is on the backside of Mt Superior’s Suicide chute.  They both share the same saddle, scary names, and awesome skiing.

Homicide Chute Backcountry Skiing

Homicide Chute backcountry skiing


Homicide was a spicy little dish when we skied it.  You definitely NEED expert skiing ability for this one.  The day we skied it, it had rocks, tight chokes, and 4 mandatory airs as big as 8ft drop. 


Access is straightforward. Park along the road then start skinning up Superior until you reach Suicide chute.  Boot pack to the top of Suicide and drop off the backside of the saddle into Homicide Chute.


Homicide Chute Topo

Homicide Chute Topo




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