Suicide Chute Backcountry Skiing

Suicide Chute Backcountry Skiing is extremely exposed to avalanche danger and should only be attempted in stable snow conditions.  Located on the flank of the Mighty Mount Superior, across from Alta ski area, suicide chute looks imposing. The skiers at Alta have a front row view of it.

Suicide Chute Backcountry Skiing

Suicide Chute Backcountry Skiing



Skiing the Suicide chute requires an expert level skier. You should be able to ski pretty much any double black diamond at the local Utah resorts.

Suicide Chute Luke

Suicide Chute Luke


Accessing it is straight forward.  Park along the Little Cottonwood Canyon road, skin directly to the chute, and then start booting.


Suicide & Homicide Chute tour topo


Trip Report

The forecast Thursday December 6 2016 was for calm and stable conditions until around 11am when a winter storm arriving.  With a short window we had to get an early start.  Headlamps on to light the way Luke from the ChutingProject , Michael Mckinney, and I set off to climb and ski both the suicide and homicide chutes.  With good fitness and fast transitions, It took us just over an hour to reach the saddle from the car.  Atop the ridge there is a “fairly large” 4×8 ft landing spot. We took off our skins and transitioned to ski mode.  With several days of settling, sun exposure, and a couple skier tracks, the snow was good and stable but not perfect.  After skiing Suicide chute we booted right back up to the top of it. Then we dropped off the backside and down the much more technical Homicide chute.



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Homicide Chute Backcountry Skiing