Backcountry skiing Square Top Mountain Park City

Backcountry skiing Square Top Mountain Park City should be on every Park City backcountry skier's bucket list.  Square Top mountain stands over the Canyons side of Park City resort, namely, the Red Pine lodge, Saddleback chairlift, and the Sweet Pea magic carpet ;).   The views of  Square Top from the resort are amazing! It sits just lookers right of the mighty Peak Ninety Nine Ninety peak.   Both of these peaks names are obvious, as one is 9,990 ft in elevation, and the other has a "Square Top" to it.  Square top is not in the resort boundaries and is therefore backcountry terrain.  It's steep 40degree slopes are deadly avalanche terrain so you must have proper backcountry knowledge and equipment if you attempt to ski it.


Backcountry skiing Square Top Mountain Park City





Oh baby!  Skiing the Face of Square Top Mountain is "Prime Time"!   From the top you can send the large cliffs skiers right, or continue more toward the center of the face for a more sustained fall line skiing.   On skiers right the face is riddled with small cliffs about a couple hundred yards down that often fill up mid winter and you wouldn't even know were there earlier in the season.  When skiing Square Top remember this is "Prime Time"!  Ski it like you are on TV, because people will be watching.  This also applies to backcountry safety protocol.  Only 1 skier on the mountain at a time.  Do Not drop in if there is another skier on the slope.  Wait until they are off the slope and clear of the avalanche path runout.  

square top mountain

Backcountry skiing Square Top Mountain Park City





From Canyons village the accessing Square Top is easy and only requires 2 bootpacks.  Time to the summit is short. It only takes 1hour from the bottom of Cabriolet parking lot to the summit of Square Top.  To get to Square Top you need to make your way to the top of 9,990 chairlift. From there bootpack to the backcountry access gates atop the peak.  From the gates you want to ski north "right" along the top of the ridgeline.  When you reach an uphill section, it's time to take your skis off and start your 2nd bootpack up the south shoulder of Square top.  10 minutes later you will arrive at your destination and be ready for "Prime Time"!







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