Canyoneering Alcatraz Slot Canyon Utah Robbers Roost

Canyoneering Alcatraz Slot Canyon Robbers Roost is an out of this world adventure.  When you get there you look over the canyon's edge and can see the 165 ft. vertical rappel that awaits.  The anticipation that builds as you await your descent.   When your turn comes and you are safely in the slot, congratulations the easy part is out of the way, you should be warmed up for what's to come.

Looking over the edge into Alcatraz Slot Canyon

What is Alcatraz Canyon?  Alcatraz canyon is a slot canyon.  Slot canyons are narrow and sometimes deep.  Slot canyons are fun for spelunkers to explore.  Often times slot canyons require a rope for short belays.  What is Alcatraz Canyon for me?  It's one of the most amazing adventures I've been on.  This canyon has character.  Starts off appropriately with a 165ft rappel.  Then it gets physical.  You have to wedge and climb yourself down the walls until exhaustion.  After that, it gets in your space.  It is narrow and cavernous and there's only 1 way out.  Now prepare to get wet.  There is practically no way to avoid it.  Alcatraz slot canyon is a challenge mentally, and physically.  It is the perfect place to make bonding friendships with your spelunking mates.

Canyoneering Alcatraz Slot Canyon Robbers Roost
Alcatraz canyon rappel - Harrison Holley
30ft slide alcatraz canyon

Where is Alcatraz Slot Canyon?  It is 6 hours south of Park City, at a place called Robbers Roost in southern Utah.  Robbers Roost is as far south as Moab, but located on the West side of Canyonlands National Park.  The nearest town to Robbers Roost is Hanksville.  There is no cell phone reception out there.  Be sure to pack emergency supplies and be self reliant.

Canyoneering Alcatraz Slot Canyon Robbers Roost

Difficulty:  Advanced to intermediate  The narrows are challenging, and tiring.  Climbing down the walls is difficult and the narrow spots are mentally challenging.  Probably wouldn't be fun or safe for beginners.

Waist Deep surprise / Alcatraz slot canyon
What's up Mike

LENGTH:  (3-5 hours)

Rope: (60meters)  It stays attached to the car hanging over the canyon rim while you explore

Tips:  Your equipment will shred.  Sliding down sandpaper for 4hours will test the durability of any gear.  High top shoes for ankle support.  Small backpack to carry your stuff and still fit through narrows.


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