Uinta Mountains Backcountry Skiing – Mount Watson

Uinta Mountains Backcountry Skiing Mount Watson.  Located lower down Bald mountain pass, Mount Watson is one of the 1st Uinta peaks backcountry accessible in the late Spring.  There is a long approach to reach the summit but worth it.  Mount Watson offers up great skiing, great view, and is a great way to kick off the Uinta backcountry skiing season.

Uinta Mountains Backcountry Skiing Mount Watson

Uinta Mountains Backcountry Skiing Mount Watson


Skiing Mount Watson is like crushing a batch of cookies late at night.  It's so good and only dangerous if you bite off more than you can chew.  The slopes are generally intermediate with some advanced descents from the summit.  The terrain doesn't have much exposure but there is a massive hanging cornice to be mindful of.  The slopes of Watson are East aspect so they are prone to early morning heating.  Be aware of rising temps and Monster cornices waiting to release with just enough sun.    For those who want to get rowdy, Watson has one main steep and rocky chute from the summit 11,521 ft.  The chute offers a challenging descent before opening up to a wide-open skiable face.  Mount Watson is a great way to kick off the Uinta Mountains Backcountry Skiing season.


Mount Watson Uinta mountains topo

route 1:  We parked next to Trial Lake and took the Notch Mountain trail.  After a couple of miles the trail starts to gain elevation, this is where you want to turn left (west) off the trail toward Mount Watson.  If you reach Wall Lakeshore, make sure to go around the lake to the left "West".  Make trail towards Watson and eventually meet up with the summer trail.

route 2:  Pass the Washington Lake campground to the Crystal Lake parking area.  Take the Long Lake, Island Lake trail.  Go a quarter mile to the trail intersection pointing toward Cliff Lake and Watson.  Turn North "right" and follow the summer trail to Mount Watson.


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Backcountry Skiing Mount Watson Utah

Mount Watson North Ridge

Backcountry Skiing Mount Watson Background

Mount Watson

Backcountry Skiing Mount Watson

Ski Watson

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