Monte Cristo Utah backcountry

Monte Cristo Utah backcountry, Little Cottonwood Canyon. The backcountry skiing here is not for beginners. It has huge avalanche potential, steep skiing (lowest in upper 30 degrees), and tons of exposure.  “Monte Cristo” is just beyond Mount Superior.  The ascending route to Monte Cristo is first through Mount Superior Via east ridge or south ridge from the LCC highway, then continue along the ridge another 82 vertical feet to the summit of Monte Cristo 11,132ft.

The Monte Cristo skiing options are premium for advanced skiers.  The (backside) or north-north east aspect is moderately slopped ski terrain with scattered rock cliffs, this area is known as the Monte Cristo cirque and can offer a handful of shorter ski lines within a couple hours. The Front side (south) features ski runs Directissimo and Monte Cristo Gully which are double black+ with required rappel.

monte cristo Utah backcountry

Mike Mckinney and Flip Mayernik make their way up the final approach to the Monte Cristo summit in the Little Cottonwood Canyon/

Monte Cristo Utah backcountry

(film credit Flip Mayernik)





Mount Superior stands between you and Monte Cristo.  To know more about Monte Cristo, you 1st need to know more about Backcountry Ski Mount Superior!

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