Mountain Biking Holly's trail at Canyons Village Park City Utah.  Holly's is the only trail at Canyons Village of Park City.  There are huge advantages to having limited options.  You don't get indecisive when choosing which trail to ride.  You can't get lost. And it's the best trail around.

Holly's Trail

The climb is BIG but not too technically challenging.  The scenery and the forest are amazing!  The access can't be beat. Plus the trails that Holly's connects to are some of the funnest downhill trails anywhere in Park City, like Ricochet & Insurgent.  You couldn't do much better than Holly's.


Holly's Trail is at the Canyons Village.  It starts on a gravel road beneath the Orange Bubble Chairlift.  Make your way up the gravel road about a quarter mile and turn left where the trail begins to climb onto the mountain.  (if you get to a golf fairway, you've gone too far)


Bottom Cabriolet lot - You are allowed to load your bikes onto the cabriolet lift

If the Cabriolet is not running - park in the upper lot

Vertical climb



3.5 miles

Time to Beat


Mountain Biking Holly's trail at Canyons Village Park City Utah

mountain biking Holly's trail at Canyons Village Park City Utah

The Climb

Holly's trail starts off as a no-nonsense Wasatch climb.  Get past the initial cardiovascular transition and the trail seems to mellow. Holly's is very scenic, it is situated in a tight draw with steep mountains on either side.  The trail takes riders across ski slopes and through the forest at good intervals for views and shade.  It is a beautiful ride; take your camera.

The way down suggested linked trails

Ricochet - Intermediate downhill trail   (super fun)

Insurgent - Advanced downhill trail

Double Down - Expert downhill

Tip - Using Ambush trail to link Olympic Park is an option.   The electric bus leaves from library every 10 minutes directly back to the Canyons cabriolet lot.


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