Peak 10420 / Backcountry Skiing

Peak 10420 is named for its elevation. Due to its high elevation and easy access, peak 10,420 is a great place for early and late season backcountry skiing.   With mostly low angle gladed slopes, and low exposure 10,420 is a friendly place to backcountry ski.  Although, Peak 10420 is a friendly place for backcountry skiing, don’t let your guard down, as this is avalanche terrain!  Know the snowpack, know terrain, and know when to say no.   

Peak 10420

peak 10420


There is good skiing to be had on all aspects!  Ten four twenty has mostly gladed tree skiing with some open faces on the on the NE and SW aspects.  We have skied great early season powder, great mid season powder, and great late season corn snow with easy access.  Skiing on 10420 is great all seasons and all aspects.

Mckinney 10,420


Backcountry skiing 10,420 from Park City is best accessed from Guardsman pass; However, Guardsman pass road is closed for most of the season. From the Salt Lake city side in the Big Cottonwood Canyon the best way to access is from the backcountry gate atop the Great Western Chairlift. Due to the easy access from Brighton chairlift this area is a great choice for short side country trips mid-season.  Another access point, that doesn’t require a Brighton lift ticket, is at the Guardsman’s pass highway closure gates.  Park at the end of the road and begin skinning directly up the ridgeline.  

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From Park City

Follow Marsac Ave to the top past Deer Valley. Then follow the road down into Hidden Valley and ascend back up to the summit of Guardsman Pass.  Park here at the bend in the road. If you are okay with a flat 2 mile walk then accessing the peak from the closest parking option for gaurdsman pass through deer valley is a fine approach.


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