peak 10,420 backcountry skiing

Peak 10420 / Backcountry Skiing

By Christopher Comstock | Dec 2, 2016

Peak 10420 is named for its elevation. Due to its high elevation and easy access, peak 10,420 is a great place for early and late season backcountry skiing.   With mostly low angle gladed slopes, and low exposure 10,420 is a friendly place to backcountry ski.  Although, Peak 10420 is a friendly place for backcountry skiing,…

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pre season backcountry touring alta ski resort

Pre Season Touring at Alta

By Christopher Comstock | Nov 23, 2016

 Pre Season backcountry touring Alta Ski resort! A common mistake made by newcomers to the Wasatch mountains is being fooled by rain, if it’s raining… it’s probably snowing up high, and not that heavy PNW snow. The greatest snow on Earth! Check out the short video we put together today. With Turkey day around the…

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Backcountry skiing O Face cliffs Park City rigeline

Backcountry skiing O Face cliffs / Park City Ridgeline

By Christopher Comstock | Nov 10, 2016

Backcountry skiing O Face cliffs park city ridgeline should be on every cliff hucker’s ski list.  This area has big pillowy drops with a clean landing zone.  Big O also serves up premium backcountry skiing for the non-cliff huckers.  If you don’t want to hit the cliffs of O Face then be sure to ski…

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Monte Cristo wasatch backcountry

Monte Cristo Wasatch Backcountry

By Christopher Comstock | Nov 3, 2016

Monte Cristo Wasatch backcountry, Little Cottonwood Canyon. The backcountry skiing here is not for beginners. It has huge avalanche potential, steep skiing (lowest in upper 30 degrees), and tons of exposure.  “Monte Cristo” is just beyond Mount Superior.  The ascending route to Monte Cristo is up the Mount Superior “highway”.  A frequently trafficked route to the summit…

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backcountry ski mt superior utah

Backcountry Ski Mt Superior Utah

By Christopher Comstock | Sep 1, 2016

February 8 2016 Being very deliberate with each move of my kick turn, I look back and give recognition to the backcountry skier who was patiently waiting his turn.  While he was observing me barely cling to the side of the mountain, he chuckled and said, “No pressure, there’s only a 1,000 foot cliff behind you”.  This…

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Mt Raymond Utah Backcountry skiing

Mt Raymond Utah / Backcountry skiing

By Christopher Comstock | Sep 1, 2016

Mt Raymond Utah is smaller than it’s 11,000 ft neighboring peaks. However it’s steep face, steep chutes, and steep cliffs make Raymond a little Giant. We had to be careful because when you dance with a Giant, one misstep and you could get squished.  After climbing Butler fork we emerged into Mill-A basin, but one of…

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Hallway Couloir Wasatch backcountry

Hallway Couloir Wasatch Backcountry

By Christopher Comstock | Jul 13, 2016

Hallway Couloir Wasatch Backcountry approach is straight forward and easy.  If you are confident with your route finding and the stability of the snowpack, the route from the top of Flagstaff peak is the most direct. When you’re searching for the entrance the terrain is steep and intimidating .  From the top of Flagstaff  follow the…

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